TULIP (Transforming the Understanding and Learning through Interactive Platform) is a web based, revolutionary, student engagement, collaboration, and assessment tool that combines the power of peer learning, ease of use and analytics to stimulate learning and facilitate understanding

TULIP offers unique benefits to both the instructors and students

Key Features

For Instructors

  • Import pre-existing PowerPoint content seamlessly, or use simple online tool to quickly create new interactive presentations
  • Integrate lecture content, assessment questions and discussions within a presentation to enable smooth workflow during lectures
  • Facilitate both structured questions (such as multiple choice, image location, one word, number ) and open ended discussions
  • Organize discussions as well as allow students to lead discussion organization
  • Structure the discussions by identifying popular opinions and ideas among students
  • Analyze student comprehension at any moment during presentation
  • Conduct comprehensive analytics at the click of a button
  • Enhance student collaboration through crowdsourcing
  • Provide a backchannel to students throughout the lecture to collaborate and learn through crowdsourcing of ideas

For Students

  • Take notes and share them with fellow students
  • Provide real time feedback to instructors on level of difficulty for the current lecture material
  • Self-assess class participation compared to class peer collaboration

To learn more, visit our getting started page for some instructional videos on how to use our system.